We are challenge motivated and customer oriented having
survived through economic downturns, de-regulation, and
governmental mandates.

We implement the changes necessary and provide various types
of equipment in order to meet the needs of our customers.

In 2010 we established Heavy Haulers Solutions, LLC. The creation of
this brokerage company has provided another tool to help us fulfill
the needs of our customers.

We have established great working relationships with other carriers
in the heavy hauling industry. This enables us to grow our brokerage company
without compromising the excellent service we have provided through STS.

With seasons come change, but we are dedicated to God and country.
Best of all... God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
This is why our faith and hope is in the Lord.

history STS
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old truck picture

I was so excited to be around the trucks and the
equipment. I would spend summer breaks riding
in the trucks and hauling big loads with my dad
and his drivers.

After high school I went to college. While in college,
I worked for a freight company as a dock worker and
driver. I still missed the challenges of moving big loads.
Before long, I realized that ultimately I wanted to be
in the Heavy Haul Industry.

scribble sketch

"I was committed to success and
I relied on the training, life lessons,
and experiences that I received from
my mom and my dad. They taught me to
be honest, sincere, loyal and hardworking.

Most of all, they taught me to have faith
in God. Our faith in God is the reason we
are so successful."